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In early Spring southern Europe bursts into flower. For the British botanist brought up on an early Spring diet of tiny white Cerastium or Erophila species, such holidays are a joy. Early Spring (March, April even February if the weather holds) is best for places like Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Crete and Malta and later around May and June for the more northern countries of mainland Europe or in the mountains. The flora of Europe is much richer than that of the British Isles having survived the last ice-age. Europe has a loose definition here and includes the Canaries, all the countries around the Mediterranean basin and may include northern Asia in future.

Physoplexis comosa

Physoplexis comosa Devil's Claw

Cliffs in Dolomites, 26th June 2014

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Devil's ClawPhysoplexis comosa  Dolomites

26th June 2014

The extensive indexing of the site is still available via the Sub Index page as in the main site but the European A to Z may be the most useful.

Currently 816 photos of plants found in Europe have been published some of which also grow in the British Isles and there are another 521 waiting to be added.

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Lilium bulbiferum

Lilium bulbiferum Orange Lily

Near Andraz castle, Dolomites 2nd July 2014

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Ornage LilyLilium bulbiferumNear Andraz castle, Dolomites 2nd July 2014

10th July 2010

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